You are at the first French site that brings together Francophones and costumed fans of Star Wars.
Here you will find help to make costumes, accessories,props, weapons and more. You will also have the opportunity to get all the information on the events not to be missed for a costume outing.
Whether you are French or English speaking, if you want to make or wear a costume, do not wait! Join us at the Francophone Costume League.

About Us

This site aims to bring together all fans of Star Wars and especially the costumed fans or who wish to become one. The content will consist of photos of your creations (costume or accessory), a section “trick & trick” to allow you to make your projects real and a section that will try to keep you informed of events or meetings planned around Star Wars. No affiliation is favored compared to another, whether you are jedi, sith, imperial, smuggler or other that does not matter but some rules must however be respected here:

– it is not asked to have an exact replica of the costume to join the group however even if the costume is a personal creation, it must remember the universe of Star Wars (avoid the cowboy outfits) and have a minimum of work above (the Jedi bathing peinoir will probably not be accepted)

– it will not tolerate to trading on this site: the creations are made in a non-profit and no advertising or offers will be allowed. The penalty will be the removal of the person from this site without any possible recourse.

Our Suppliers

Because the Star Wars has such a massive universe we are able to partner with other amazing communities. One of our suppliers for costumes is, The Spirit Of Halloween they supply us with great Star Wars Costumes. We also work a lot with Sticker Source, these guys have some of the best Star Wars sticker packs. If you want props then you should be checking out RSporpmasters, they have some of the best props.


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