Basement Finds

Moving in and out of houses can be stressful and or fun at the same time. It gets pretty hectic sometimes too. One of our members sent us a pretty cool find the other day.

He is a member from Calgary, Alberta and he was moving into a new home. Now this doesn’t sound like anything crazy or nothing, but it gets better. So he decides to hire a cleaning crew in Calgary that does move in move out cleaning.

So the crew goes to their house and does their thing, cleans up all the walls, carpets, flooring, etc. What they find in the basement is pretty cool though.

I guess the owner of the house that sold it to our fellow members, were star wars fans too. The thing is the owner passed away and didn’t have anybody to take care of the house after. So everything in the house was pretty much theirs now.

There was a bunch of boxes of old school Star Wars toys, Mortal Kombat stuff, gaming stuff, like super nintendos and sega stuff, just a bunch of cool stuff from the 80s and 90s.

All the things weren’t kept in good packaging or anything so most of the goods aren’t worth anything, but never the less it was a good find and pick up.

This just goes to show you, you can find great stuff anywhere you look. Its definitely one of the cooler stories I have heard as of late, and it made me really want to share it.


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